More than tableware

As people are becoming more aware and interested in the origin of what they buy, sustainability has become an important factor for every business. Here at Mr. Bowl, we’ve always believed in responsible, conscious consumption – we have no desire to add to the throwaway culture that has become so damaging to our environment. The concept of sustainability is central to our ethics and built into everything we do!    

Let’s look at a few reasons why you can enjoy our products with peace of mind and join a growing movement that values a slower, more deliberate way of creating and consuming.

On-demand production

The world is drowning in excess stuff - our economic system encourages the constant production of products that are designed to meet short term needs before being quickly replaced. As artisans, our aim is to create tableware that never needs to be replaced, we’d like our dishes to last you a lifetime! 

To make sure that we only make dishes that are wanted and loved, we’ve created a pre-order system that allows us to create with purpose. This means that everything we do is done with you in mind, nothing is wasted or thrown away, and you receive a product that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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Local production

Our tableware is produced with love by two potters in Vilnius, Lithuania. We take pride in making everything ourselves with our four hands, and from our years of experience we’ve worked hard to constantly improve the quality of our products while building meaningful relationships with local suppliers. 

Sustainable production

We run completely on green electricity, meaning that every item we make is produced on renewable energy from a local source. We also ensure that each item is packed in eco-friendly materials – we use starch packing peanuts, corrugated cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard wrapping paper, and kraft paper duct tape to make recycling your boxes as easy as possible. 

Responsible shopping

We produce the best tableware at Mr. Bowl Ceramics but we aim to do even more than that. We want to promote a better, more mindful means of consumption that creates the smallest environmental impact possible. That’s why we’ve started sharing tips on Instagram that help you to make environmentally-friendly decisions – for example, situations where your tableware can be used, original and easy ways to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere, and care practices to keep your tableware in great shape so it lasts forever!