About us

We have long had a dream of spreading joy, harmony, peace, and prosperity to our friends and loved ones who mean the most to us. We want everyone to live their lives stress-free and cultivating relationships with those we care about most. 

15 years ago we were a communications manager and logistics manager just going to work looking for the next big opportunity until we started talking about creating something special we knew people will love. We both found out about each other’s passion for ceramics and couldn’t believe the coincidence. It was a sign from above that we were meant to do something special together! So through our passion for both creating a positive impact and using our hands to make something special we took our first step to our ultimate goal.

However, not everything was sunshine and rainbows...

A few years ago we were facing a true life crisis. Long working hours distracted us from our life - family, friends, hobbies, and everything else we loved to do. We felt tired, lost and hopeless. More often we were suspending ourselves - what was the purpose of such living? Life is not about feeling tired or crunching numbers at your work. No, life is meaningful and significant so we chose not to waste any more time. This moment leads us to quit our jobs and try to turn our hobby into a living resource that could impact the world positively. Thus, Mr. Bowl Ceramics was born. 

So what is Mr. Bowl Ceramics all about? We are two potters who love to sink their hands in wet clay and build something functional as well as beautiful. We want to inspire people to find time in their day to eat dinner with family, meet some friends, or just to be them without pretending somebody else who is better. We want to encourage you to live your best life through premium made ceramics that make the dining experience much fancier and homely which the family will love.

Our products are made for those who want to slow down and wake up in the morning with coffee in their favorite mug while reading a book comfortably on a couch. For those who invite friends for dinner which they make all together because those things bring us closer. For those who love to light candles, sit in front of the fireplace and taste a piece of homemade pie. For those who prefer lazy Sundays in bed rather than standing in line at the largest supermarket. For those who appreciate hand made work and believe that quality is more important than quantity. 

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we did making them and we want to wish you all the best and we hope to hear from you soon!