Handmade serving platters

If you’re looking for some large serving platters to serve the family that freshly cooked turkey during Thanksgiving or ham during Christmas then our handmade big plates are just what you need for a signature stylish look that’s both great as art and eating plates.

The large size of these plates makes them great to use during the holidays when you’re around the entire family and relatives you’ve never seen before. There’s nothing you can’t serve on these large dinner plates and what better way to impress the family you haven’t seen in a while than with something handmade and completely unique! We pride ourselves on all the hard work we put into each of our dinner plates. Not one is the same and that’s because only four hands make all the plates we sell. Some may have more ridges, bumps, some may be smoother, but just like every family our plates are special and have their own story to be told. 

The versatility of these large dinner plates lets you use them for several occasions and events that require a little something different than before. Place your homemade cherry pie, cooked ham, stuffing, nachos, or a make it a large appetizer platter to serve guests who are waiting for the game to start. We use high-quality ceramic material to create each big plate so they last for a long time with minimal damage to show for it in the distant future. Combining both a resilient finish and fashionable design we’re proud to say our serving platters are like none other on the market!

We value the time we spend with family, friends, and all the loved ones we can be around which is why we put so much time, dedication, and authenticity to each of the dinner plates. Taking our time crafting each plate with care, love, and the thoughts of our families in our heads gives every plate their own unique story. We guarantee you that no plate is the same. Our hands are wrapped around each plate whenever we receive a new order so you know they come out straight from the shop and aren’t shelved for years from the past.

So now it’s time to turn the pot on simmer, set the dinner table, call the family, and gather around for a meal that everyone can enjoy. We want to help set the vibe for a memorable, happy environment that settles everyone’s frustrations, fears, and stress so you can share laughs with each other instead. We stand for family and social unity which is why we craft each plate with the same passion we have for eating together with the ones that matter most to us!

Find our plates in different colors and designs that set’s the joyous mood you’ve been missing during that family bonding time. Strengthen your ties with distant relatives and acquaintances every time you’re eating together. That’s the way we intend ever meal to be enjoyed!