Ceramic dessert plates

The best part of every meal...dessert..can now be enjoyed with a touch more class, authenticity, and style than before. We thoughtfully crafted these dessert plates to give you something more decorative to use for those daily slices of pie and cake after dinner. You can fit a single serving on each plate comfortably and with its unique design, it’ll be looking like a five-star quality meal every time you serve it.

We are very proud of the fact that we make our cake dishes by hand so you know not one is the same as the last. That’s right, we shape, mold, craft every single pie plate ordered by the same four hands we been using for years. We wanted to give you as a family something that can be enjoyed together around the dinner table. Because just like you, family and friends are everything to us. They make the world worth living so why wouldn’t you want to make those dinner parties or brunches more special than before? Different designed plates provide a certain vibe during dinner that’s suitable for all the seasons of the year. Whether you want a more sunny and cheery display or a dark and romantic setting, we can offer you something that sets the mood just right for every meal no matter who you’re enjoying it with.

The versatile size of our pie dishes makes them great to serve things like small salads, single slices of pie or cake, breakfast, or light snacks. So go ahead and invite the family over for that homemade apple pie you’ve been baking for the past few hours and show off your new dish decor at the same time. Each dish design was carefully thought up and made with our own artistic style that cannot be replicated by anyone else. So you can be sure that what you’re receiving will be special, unique, and one of a kind just like the ones you call your family.

Maybe you find these plates to be great decorative pieces to include in your living interior. We don’t blame you. They’re the perfect dishes to be used as decorations for that fancy taste of yours. So if you have a china cabinet that’s been in the family for years, or own a glass display case, or even just want something to place your candles on, our ceramic pie dishes are just the pieces for you.

Don’t take things for granted, especially when it comes to the ones you love. Family is all we have in the world and we want nothing more than for you to strengthen that bond every day around the dinner table where everyone can be together. You may find plates at retail stores but what we offer is something different. We care about you and the times you share with your family. Just as we do about ours. So each plate is more than something you just clean when done eating, its something that brings families together so the love stays constant!