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Many years ago we were a communications manager and logistics manager just going to work looking for the next big opportunity. Now we are two potters who love to sink their hands in wet clay and build something functional as well as beautiful. We want to inspire people to find time in their day to eat dinner with family, meet some friends, or just to be them without pretending somebody else who is better.

Our products are made for those who want to slow down and wake up in the morning with coffee in their favorite mug while reading a book comfortably on a couch. For those who invite friends for dinner which they make all together because those things bring us closer. For those who love to light candles, sit in front of the fireplace and taste a piece of homemade pie. 

Welcome to our world.

The world of Mr. Bowl Ceramics.


Every little detail

What makes our ceramic bowls special and unique is that every single one is crafted completely by hand and shaped differently from the rest. You can feel and see the long hard work of our hands on these pottery bowls.

We spend hours of our day ensuring that every stoneware bowl comes out the best quality we can offer.

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Why to choose our plates?

Nothing brings a family together more than a great meal for dinner. That’s why we believe every dish you enjoy should be with something as loving and memorable as the times you have with your family. We carefully craft every single dinner plate by hand with zero assistance from machines or assistants. Each plate has been molded and shaped by our hands so every dish is different and completely unique.

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