Sauce bowls

Do you love making sauces for your meals, serving dips for sides, or providing mixed nuts for dinner parties? Then you’re going to love using our Sauce Bowls for all those fun parties and sides for big meals. They’re the perfect size to assist the entire meal by adding in the all-important sides that go with every great meal. You can place mixed nuts, salsas, nacho cheese, and any other dipping or small portion you can think of inside our Sauce Bowls.

Each serving bowl is made by the same four hands that have been making them for years. We love making ceramics dishes for special events, daily use, and just to fill our time. It’s one of our deep passions in this world. That is why we can fully guarantee you that every ceramic bowl you order will come out looking more stunning than we can describe it. We spend hours a day meticulously crafting every stoneware bowl that is ordered so you can feel proud of putting on your dinner table. It is our mission every time we receive an order to make put our hearts and soul into making a stunning piece for you.

Not only are we passionate about making ceramics, but we also love spending time with family, close friends, and those we care most about in the world. Through our desire to bring families together we wanted to create something special for every household to use at the dinner table that’s unique to each family’s story. You can even see the shape of our hands molding the rice bowls as each one is different than the rest. Being made by hand, every ceramic bowl comes out different and unique in its own way. And with our passion for family and ceramics, each dipping bowl is something that can be treasured by every family out there. We care too much about making something special for you to leave it up to a streamlined process that makes bowls and plates without any purpose to it. That is also what separates us from mainstream brands that you have heard of. We choose to make these artistic ceramics because it is what we love most. 

If you like you can even place our little decorative bowls inside a china cabinet or display case as way to make your interior stand out with some serious charm. They’re cute, stylish, and are sure to make your guests ask you about them. So if you’re looking for something different to spice up the decor in your living interior these little sauce bowls can definately help you with that. 

You can also make them gifts for a newly wedded couple, close friend, or your parents during the holidays. Every household has a chef and with a chef, you need the proper tools to serve those meals. So choose our sauce bowls for your daily use!