Large dinner bowls

With our large bowls, you can place all your fresh produce inside and on your table counter for convenience and extra flair that will make your kitchen stand out a bit more than usual. Our fruit bowls can also be used to serve large salads, potato salad, a large bowl of pasta, or a bag of chips for it to be shared by a group of people. That’s one thing we thought of when making these large bowls. It’s that we wanted to bring people together because we believe in spending time with family and friends we care about. With our mixing bowls, you can serve big portions to be shared with anything you like. Fill it up with a few bags of popcorn if you like! As long as you’re enjoying it in the company of the ones you love that’s all that matters.

We are proud to say that every piece that we offer is made completely by hand and the same ones that have been for the past years at that. Every serving bowl is different than next. You can feel the shape of our hands molding the bowl when you pick them up and feel around. We make these large serving bowls in a way that connects you with the family as a handmade product by people who love ceramics and family. If it weren’t for our deep love of making these decorative pieces we wouldn’t put so much of our time and effort into ensuring each one comes out more beautiful than the next. 

We offer different themed mixing bowls for you to pick from that each creates a certain atmosphere around the dinner table that makes it feel more homely somehow. They come in dark and light tones with stylish details that are also added by hand for pure authenticity. Our ceramic bowls are so stunning you can even place them in a china cabinet or a display case as a decorative addition to your living interior that will surely get you some compliments along the way. Many people have loved the idea of making our stoneware plates and bowls a centerpiece of decor for their living interior. We designed our ceramic bowls with our artistic ideas and imagination so you can have something truly special that can’t be replicated by anyone else. 

So spice up your dinner table with the addition of our large plates for something more meaningful, stylish, and snazzy than what you’ll find in the retail shops. Because trust us when we say, we care about bringing you and the family together for an enjoyable time that only strengthens the bond between you all!