Large round serving platter

Treat your guests like family when you serve them a tasty appetizer, entree, or any kind of meal in our Large Round Platter. This wide sized eating platter is the perfect size to serve any kind of meal you’d like. Whether you’re making a homemade pie, cake, or serving a platter of steaks, chicken, and ribs then this large platter is plenty spacious to fit all those delights. You can flip the platter upside down and serve food that way as well. Place a cake or muffins on the back and it will still look inviting and full of elegant charm. 

But you don’t have to just use these serving platters on special occasions as they were meant to be enjoyed every day like your normal dishes. Although we put a ton of effort into making them beautiful, unique, and rich we also want you to enjoy the comfort of using them for daily meals, snacks, and appetizers. So if you were looking for something that’s exotic and great for daily use then this large serving platter is just the perfect accessory for you.

One thing about our serving bowls that makes us so proud is that every one of them are made by the same four hands that have been doing it for years. It is through our passion for ceramic creations that has driven us to the point we are at now. We pour our heart and soul into making these plates, bowls, and platters for families to enjoy because we think it’s important to have dishes that warm up the home with love and joy. That is one thing that makes our shop special.

Whenever you place an order we will begin making the ceramics that very moment. We don’t have a warehouse where we store all our premade dishes to sell whenever we get an order. Instead, we take every order on personally with our own hands when you need them. We are making these dishes for you and only you. Large retailers sit on tones of plates and bowls just waiting for them to be picked up and sold. But we like to treat every platter creation with the utmost care, love, and attention that you probably don’t get from mass-produced dishes. So if you were looking for authentic dinner platters that make the home feel warm and full of good vibes you can’t go wrong with our Large Serving Platters. The beautiful, stylish designs and thick ceramic offer undeniable charm and handy functionality that makes it hard to say no to this wonderful platters.

The homemade aspect of our serving dish also encourages you to eat healthier, choose quality ingredients, and cook with care like you didn’t before. When you see these platters you will fall in love with their cheery style. They manage to make things seem a bit more vibrant and exuberant when sitting at the dinner table with close friends and family. So when we say these serving platters are perfect for close-knit families then you know we mean it!