Large pasta bowls

Our deep dish Pasta Bowls are the perfect dinner table bowls to add some flair with a homely vibe that invites the entire family over for a good meal. Every single stoneware bowl is completely made by hand and shaped with our unique handprint. Not one ceramic bowl is the same that we can guarantee you. We spend hours a day shaping and molding ceramics because not only is it our passion but we love designing food ware for families to enjoy their favorite meals together.

We love the thought of families only getting closer together the more they use our salad bowls at the table. Because aside from our strong passion for making ceramic plates and bowls we love the time we spend with our own family, friends and those we care most about in the world. We designed our pasta bowls to be a decorative piece that comes from our heart so our family ties only grow stronger with every meal we eat together. 

Eating at the dinner table has always been a sacred tradition to generations of families and we love embodying that tradition in our hand made bowls. We too believe that the family and loved ones should be able to join each other for a moment in the day where you can share stories, memories, and just be amongst each other. Our passion for family, friends, and ceramic making is what we care most about in the world and we do our very best day in and out to make sure your soup bowl comes out looking better than the one before.

You can use our fruit salad bowls for a variety of meals too. Whether you’re making some spaghetti, stuffing for thanksgiving, a big salad, or potato salad, our ceramic pasta bowls are the best option to place on the dinner table. Everything you make and serve will look more fancy, elegant, and stylish than ever. We design our stoneware bowls with a certain theme that sets an atmosphere at the dinner table for everyone to enjoy. They come in dark tones and light hues that each offer a unique appeal that is different than anything you’ll find in retail stores and online shops. 

You can even place them inside a china cabinet or on a display case as decorative pieces to make your living interior shine with luxurious fashion. Our pottery pasta bowls are not only great for eating off of and serving shared meals but they can definitely make things look a bit fancier around your home. So if you’re looking for a different way to decorate your home then these pasta bowls will absolutely draw you some compliments along the way.

So whether you’re looking for decorative pieces to add to your home or need something a bit more stylish and roomier for your favorite meals then our Pasta Bowls should be in your kitchen cabinets without a doubt. They’re perfect for any occasion and everyday use so you don’t have to limit yourself on using them for special events.