How exclusive tableware is made in Mr. Bowl Ceramics studio

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Welcome to Mr. Bowl Ceramics' world of handmade tableware. We choose to introduce ourselves as craftswomen rather than entrepreneurs. The main goal for us is to produce exclusive handmade tableware for people who value handmade items, who are curious to know the story behinds their dishes, who support the idea of responsible consumerism, and value quality versus quantity.

handmade tableware

All of our tableware is made by the two of us, with close attention and a passion for what we do. And everything is custom made especially for you, one of a kind and exclusive. 

potters of Mr. Bowl Ceramics

All of our tableware is made by us - Indre and Rasa - and our four hands. The process of each item is incredibly long and can take up to 3500 minutes from start to finish. Our hands mold and shape every item, touching the pieces a million times. After we finish shaping, the item needs to get dry, and that may take up to 1 week. Before the firing, we scrub it to look perfect. After the first firing we apply glaze with a brush so the speckles are evenly distributed. Then we can fire for the last time. Firing takes up to 30 hours and the temperature in the kiln is almost 2 thousand Fahrenheit. As soon as we unload the kiln and wash the tableware, it is ready to be delivered to you! We carefully pack your tableware in eco-friendly packaging and ship worldwide so you can enjoy every meal and every dinner. We care about family traditions and seek to inspire you to create new ones with the help of handmade tableware.

small ceramic bowl
large fruit ceramic bowl
tableware handmade process

Our hands make every bowl and plate especially for you, which is the reason why you have to wait a little while before your tableware set arrives. We care about our planet, and that’s why we make dishes only when you order them, and when you decide that you need them. We want to make every item with a purpose and want to encourage responsible consumption, we hope that every plate and bowl made by us is cherished and valued and used for as long as possible.

large ceramic serving plate
handmade tableware
handmade tableware studio

Every item we create is designed to be functional and beautiful at the same time. When we make dishes, we always think of the family gathering at the dinner table, serving freshly made food on our plates and bowls, chatting with each other, and sharing the highlights of their day. Our wish is to make family dinnertime even more precious with a handmade tableware set made especially for them. We put all our mastery and love into each item, so comfort and love can be felt while using them.

making large ceramic bowl

When we create a design, we always think of the different interiors and designs that it might go together with. We choose colors that are peaceful and calming and the texture that allows you to feel more connected with Mother Nature.

We hope every vase, bowl, or plate that we make finds many uses in every home - from functional to decorative. And because we make every item with our four hands, you’ll always feel our fingerprints and the millions of touches we leave on them. This is what we find so extraordinary – the feeling that we pass our love and our faith from our hands into yours, and it unites us forever.

mix match tableware

Every item we create has its own unique history. Some are created together with customers, trying to make a vase or large plate that fits their interior and matches their other particular needs. Others are created by searching for functional and decorative interior pieces for our own homes.

dinnerware handmade for all interiors

But in the end, they all are touched a million times and made with passion, enthusiasm, and thoughts for the person that the item is made for. Although the process is time-consuming, the result is overwhelming - unique and extraordinary products made especially for you.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Rasa potter
I'm Rasa. Working with clay makes me feel relaxed and concentrated. I take a piece of clay and build a plate from it. It is amazing when you can build something that people want to use every day. It is said "turn a hobby into a job, and you will never have to work again". So I did that, and that is how I feel about Mr. Bowl Ceramics. I come here to create, to learn, to try something new. Sometimes it involves so much, that you just cannot stop building until it is finished, and no matter that it is 3 pm already. This is what we do - take time, do not rush, enjoy the process, and believe in the magic that happens in our kilns.

Indre potter

Hey, I'm Indre. When I go to the studio, the time stops for me. I cut a piece of clay, start rolling it, making a slab or coil, and building the bowl. It is not just work for me it is a way of life. I love to spend long hours in the studio working on tableware. When the shelves are full of drying tableware and kilns are firing one after the other, satisfaction and gratefulness fills my heart. We create something that is not only wanted but needed as well. To know that people all over the world are waiting for our plates and bowls makes us feel special. We make every item with such huge care, attention, and love and we feel loved. That is an amazing thing.


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