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Spring has sprung! This special time of year, when we throw off the shackles of winter and look optimistically toward long, sunny days, is a time of renewal. That means fresh ideas, bright colors, and brand new connections! 

To welcome the new season, we here at Mr. Bowl Ceramics have come up with some unique and cheerful ways to bring some extra ‘hygge’ to your spring table. Spring naturally brings a wealth of vivid colors - from bluebells and daffodils on the forest floor to the brilliant blossoming of fruit trees - from which you can draw inspiration to create a wonderful atmosphere in your dining room. You can use our lovingly handcrafted ceramics to display your freshly picked flowers, serve delicious herbal teas and much more!         

Let’s start with flowers. Not only do they bring coziness, color, and a wonderful aroma, but they are a joy to either grow yourself or find in the wild, too. And who needs an excuse to get out into nature? When using flowers to bring spring vibes to your table, try to use a low bouquet. Because while your guests are sure to appreciate their beauty, they should still be able to see each other! We suggest a combination of small meadow flowers mixed in with fragrant spring herbs for a rustic, rural feel.

In keeping with the rustic theme, good old-fashioned wood always brings a nice, natural softness to any setting. Try adding a wooden cutting board to your table - perhaps for serving cheese for example - and offset it with a crisp white linen tablecloth. You can almost smell that fresh country air already!

Now, as you can already see, we are keeping things informal here. So let’s dispense with the stuffy knife-on-the-right, fork-on-the-left-format. Instead, let people get their cutlery from a utensil holder - creating a cozy, relaxed atmosphere as well as a quirky new centerpiece. 

And while we’re feeling playful, let’s mix and match glassware too! As anyone who has been to a craft beer bar lately can attest, there is no shame in not having the ‘complete set’ anymore. Use tumblers, tall water glasses and wine glasses of different styles to create a carefully cultivated chaos of cuppage, resonating perfectly with the youthful exuberance of spring. 

Finally, let’s pack away those antique decorative candlesticks, and use some old wine bottles instead. The wax melting down onto the bottle creates some really interesting patterns! For a more nuanced look, you could place tea candles on some small plates or a cheese board, or fill a glass bowl with water and float some tea candles and a flower blossom inside. Perfect for those airy evenings full of soft light, wine and good times!

What do you think? Here at Mr. Bowl Ceramics, the things we value most are being with family, having dinner together and just spending quality time with our loved ones. We have a philosophy of slow living - all of our ceramics are handmade and we encourage sustainable, and responsible consumption. We hope to inspire people to spend more time in the kitchen creating special, nutritious dishes for themselves and their families - and so far, it is working! Many of our customers have told us that our beautiful dishes encourage them to take pride in their cooking, they now cook more often and take the time to serve their food beautifully as well. 

So what are you waiting for? Gather some fresh ingredients, invite your friends and family and enjoy the bountiful beauty of spring!    

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