Searching for the best gift? Here are the top 5 gifts that couldn't possibly go wrong

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It was Mother's Day last week here in Lithuania, one of the most important days of the year for us. It is a beautiful time, a chance to celebrate and appreciate the nurture, love and selflessness of the amazing women that raised us. While we love our mums every single day of the year, it's always nice to take a little time to make them feel extra special!

We've noticed that our products are insanely popular around Mother's Day, and indeed all of the traditional 'gift giving' times of the year.  Quite simply, they make the perfect gift. Our bowls are unique, personal, handmade, and practical – everything that a bouquet of gas station flowers is not. 

As you might know, we embrace a lifestyle of slow living and responsible consumption. We value family, time spent with loved ones and wholesome, nourishing food! If you're looking for a gift that will inspire quality time spent together, creating beautiful memories and delicious meals in the kitchen, check out a few creative ideas below. There's something for everyone at Mr. Bowl Ceramics!


#1 large round platter 

✔ These platters are perfect for serving any kind of food - hamburgers, steaks, snacks, or a pie. As an added bonus, you can even turn the platter upside down to have a unique cake stand! And even when you're not eating, this large, decorative plate makes for a wonderful interior piece.


✔ The large round platter is popular among gifts for men, many of whom are passionate and creative cooks. Maybe you, like us, have a tradition of having big BBQs on sunny weekends? With this plate, you can take your grilling adventures to the next level!



#2 large serving plate

✔ This large, multi-purpose plate stands on 3 feet and brings a unique look to any kitchen or dining room. It can be used not only to serve food like snacks, fruits and salads, but can even become a stylish place to store small, frequently used items like keys or phones when you come home from work.


✔ The large serving plate is a great gift for anyone, but seems to be most popular with women. Whether it's your mom, sister, or wife, this plate's romantic touch, with its wavy rim, 3 short puffy feet and round shape, is sure to be appreciated!


#3 set of plate and bowl 

✔ We call this set our 'Breakfast Set' because it has a bowl for your cereal and also a plate if you're feeling extra hungry! The plate is a perfect size for an omelet with vegetables, or just a few simple slices of toast with butter and homemade jam.  However, don't take our name too seriously - this set works just fine for each and every meal of the day.

✔ This set is a great gift for close friends and those people who are really important to you. Because he or she will be eating from these dishes every day, they'll think of you each time they sit down and enjoy a meal on their creative, handmade gifts.


#4 large bowl 

✔ The large bowl is the number one gift for settlers or as a housewarming gift. Every family needs a large bowl! You can use it as a fruitbowl during the week, and on weekends when the whole family gathers to have dinner together, you can use it to serve salads or hearty stews. And in the evening you can make a big batch of popcorn, sit down and watch a family movie together. 



#5 utensil holder 

✔ Last but not least is our utensil holder. Again, don't be limited by the name! Some people choose to use it as a toothbrush holder in the bathroom, while others use it as a pencil holder on their work desk. We use it to keep carrot sticks – every time you feel hungry, crunchy, healthy treats are waiting for you on the kitchen counter. So many different uses for one dish!

✔ While anyone can benefit from the versatility of our utensil holder, we think it could be a perfect gift for those who really love order and cleanliness in the home. We all know one of these people!


So there you have it, a little something for everyone. Don't forget - our dishes are made to be used every day and they are handmade, so therefore not perfectly even. You can feel a touch of our hands on them! We believe that this only adds to the unique and special appeal of our products.

We hope that you're all staying healthy, happy and full of optimism in these difficult times - thankfully, here in Lithuania, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Best wishes from us here at Mr. Bowl!




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