Boho Weddings - the Best Way to Have a Beautiful and Sustainable Wedding

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The days of extravagant, glitzy weddings that cost a small fortune and are mainly about flaunting wealth are thankfully coming to a close. Couples are increasingly valuing simplicity, intimacy, and sustainability when tying the knot - a better solution for the environment and their bank balance!

Because let’s face it -conspicuous consumption is just plain tacky these days. What would you rather attend: a grand, formal event run with military precision in an atmosphere where you’re afraid to touch anything, or a down-to-earth, relaxed and fun wedding that celebrates love and nature? I know what I’d choose! And the best way to achieve it is with a "Boho" style wedding.

boho wedding dinner plates black

The beauty of Boho weddings lies in their simplicity and sustainability. Let’s take the wedding dress for example: rather than a huge, gaudy thing that you’ll only wear once, you can choose a dress that you actually like and will wear in real life, and it won’t cost thousands of dollars.

And forget trying to reserve exclusive venues months in advance. With your Boho wedding, you can choose a place that has a special significance to you, or where you feel most connected to nature - whether it's the seaside, forest, or in the middle of a beautiful meadow! Your guests will appreciate a spacious, freedom of the outdoors, and unless you’re on private land, it shouldn’t cost you anything. Just don’t forget to leave the area exactly as you found it - Boho weddings are about making as little an environmental impact as possible.

boho wedding decor

There are many other ways to cut down on your consumption while increasing the intimacy and personal touch for your most special day. Rather than buying or renting boring, formulaic items like furniture and cutlery, why not bring your own from home? Pillows instead of chairs, your glasses and cups, candlesticks, cutlery, and vases - all bring a sustainable and personal connection to your event. If you don’t have something that you need, ask a friend! Because being surrounded by familiar and shared items promotes a cozy and convivial mood that your guests feel a part of - the wedding is a communal affair, not a show that you’ve put on for them, so there is no pressure and they can feel relaxed and comfortable.

But what about the all-important dinnerware? Weddings are set around the age-old tradition of sharing a meal, dinner is often the centerpiece of the event. A great gift idea would be for some of your guests to provide the dinnerware for your Boho wedding - some handmade dinner plates made with love and care for the environment that you would continue to use every day as a married couple.

This way, you’ll have a daily reminder of your special day, and eat your meals with the same love and appreciation that you felt on that beautiful day - celebrating your love and surrounded by those who are closest to you.

Boho weddings are the ultimate combination of style and sustainability. Informal, chaotic, beautiful, fun, affordable, and surrounded by nature, what could be better than that?

handmade dinner plate black

black dinner plate dessert plate set

Photos by Kristina Chéri Photography⠀⠀
Decor & decorations: Chestnut in the pocket⠀⠀
MUA: Justė Make Up
Šukuosena: @Anzelika.chadys⠀
Groom outfit: Aprangos kodas
Bride outfit: Top To Bottom ⠀⠀⠀



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