Being perfectly imperfect – the way to a more joyful day

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Sometimes we have such high expectations and requirements for ourselves, we are even afraid to start doing what we want or need to do.

Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, maybe there is a perfectionist in you that you’d like to know better. Remember: Being perfect is an enemy of being good enough.

There are plenty of psychological articles about being a perfectionist that we can read, explaining signs or symptoms, unwanted consequences, and ways to cope.

However, we want to invite you to look at this topic from a different perspective - that of Mr. Bowl Ceramics. Simply by letting you know how we educate and train ourselves to replace tension and stress with easiness and joy.

handmade tableware plates bowls grey


Imperfect on purpose

What if we try to be imperfect on purpose? Keep that half-ironed collar, go to the shop with a little messy hair, leave that unwashed cup on the shelf, curse once a week where and when we can allow ourselves to. We can even lend you some authentic Lithuanian swear words like “Rupūs miltai!” (Gritty flour!), “Po šimts pypkių” (Under a Hundred smoking pipes!).

When we find ourselves pushing to be perfect again, the best thing is to stop for a second first.

And then try to let ourselves go with B instead of A, 8 or 9 instead of 10, 80% instead of 100%. And just be good enough.


We can help others to relax

When expecting friends for dinner at our place we can either set the table perfectly, with golden plates and forks or we can simply create an attractive carefulness on our table.

We might use plates with different sizes or color, add some pasta bowls for those who prefer eating from a bowl, (like Indre does and even she doesn't know why but how special she feels when she sees that!), use two types of glasses, put cutlery in the holder instead of putting it near the plate. We can create some beautiful mess. And this carefulness will be the perfect imperfection to keep everyone’s comfort and pleasant mood.

handmade grey set of plate and bowl


One step at a time

If you have a closer look at our bowls, plates, or cups, all the dishes we make - you’ll see that they are imperfect too. And we are proud of it.


We think that not being perfect lets you be closer to authenticity, self-acceptance, and love. We feel that it helps us and other people to ease the daily routine and celebrate important moments with less stress and unwanted rush.

We invite you to try being imperfectly perfect. Take a small next step into a lighter easier, more mindful day.

Start with dishes.

gray dinner plate and bowl


Photos made by @indigomint


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